Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinterest. Need I say more?

Pinterest.  Now that's a word that no one would have thought about using in daily life even a year ago.  Today, most of the women in my life think about it.  And once they get on it, they get sucked in.  And they come out of the zone an hour -- sometimes more -- wondering what they've been doing for all that time!

And you can lump me into that pot. 

I'm always multi-tasking.  And Pinterest helps with that.

For example, I'm currently posting on Facebook with my cousin's daughter, Morgan.  Talking about living close to your family.  I'm also instant chatting through FB with my Uncle Lonnie.  Chatting about Aunt Mary eating ice cream and me wishing I was there.  I'm also building a wish list for Close to My Heart products.  Their new stamping and scrapbooking catalog will be released August 1.  I want to hold and close a party by August 2.

I'm also texting with Tammy.  Lots going on there.  She's a joy to me.

I'm also creating a log of the CTMH stamps I've already purchased.  You do not want to know!!!  :)

I am also trying to upload a pin to Pinterest and it won't go through.  Maybe the file is too large?  So I figured I'd post it here on Porch Swing and then pin it from the Internet. 

And so I've wasted about 30 minutes here (now I'm also chatting with my sister).  So I'm going to attempt to post the photo of the card I made here.  Wish me luck.

This is the card I created from my Close to My Heart "Friendship Bouquet" (S1205) stamp set.  I sent it to my sister, but I'm dying to use it on a dish cloth!

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