Saturday, August 29, 2009


Here I am. Forty-one years old.
With two children: one of them grown, graduated college, and married.
With a husband of ...16 years.
And here I am.
Enjoying a virtual farm on something they call FaceBook.

And enjoying it completely!

How funny!

You sign up for free and get this parcel of land. You get a small amount of start up coins and from there begin to build and plant and harvest your farm. It's addicting! As you move up in levels you get access to a different variety of seeds/trees/decorations/animals.

You also get to have neighbors. So I signed Kent and George up. And George is as addicted as I am! (Though he got involved in a ski game last night and all his strawberries withered away. So I snuck into his farm this morning and replanted them. Hopefully, he will never know.)

Anyway, this morning Kent finds a black sheep. I tell him to rush over to my FB page to adopt the animal...and I'm so psyched!

But once the adoption is complete, I realize that it wasn't my FB page---it was George's! The RAT has my black sheep!!!

It's totally addicting.
How funny!

Well, George and I are headed out to Belleville for a day or so. Birthday party for John Marshall at 1, then a final performance of Caleb's marching band at 7--though Caleb is only an instructor not a player. We may not go.

Tomorrow is the church's first Sunday School picnic. It's supposed to be cold.
I need to buy George a sweatshirt!

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