Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Who'd have thunk it? Me. Trying to learn football.
On purpose?
Hard to believe!

But there I was tonight, at George's first real football practice. With my tablet in my lap and my pen poised to take notes. And I was proud of myself for following along. Until my girlfriend came by and we started chatting. Then I lost all track of everything.

But I was so proud of George.
Cause I don't think he knows any more than I do about the sport.
But he survived 4 days of conditioning last week without a single complaint.
And he survived his practice today.

And while he was the first boy to ask for a drink, he didn't squelch when the coach said no. But I made the coach mad when 30 minutes later I said something about a water break.

Ooo. I gotta go. Kent's up and I'm dying to know what George has to say about practice!

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