Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time Passes Slowly


Just as Kathleen says in You've Got Mail: "When you read a book as a child it becomes part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your life does."  One of my favorite "sayings" came from a book I read as a child.  It actually is some lyrics of a Bob Dylan song:

Time passes slowly up here in the mountains,
We sit beside bridges and walk beside fountains.
We watch little fishes as they float up the stream.
Time passes slowly when you're lost in a dream.

When I get home, I'm going to download that song since I've never heard of it.

Anyway--I digress.

There's this gal in my office who has been bustling around here all day.  Frantically working to get some literature packed up.  Because it ships out on the 7th.

I, too, have literature that will be shipping out along with her stuff on the 7th.  But I'm not panicking.  Because September 7th is next Friday.
Instead, I'm trying to organize marketing efforts for an event I have in October.

I'm sitting at my computer composing a lengthy email outlining the seminar needs and topic for the October event when Bustling Gal stops by to show my this nifty shipping tube she purchased for the umbrellas.  It's cool.  And then she informs me that the lot of the literature will ship out on Tuesday.  And just before I start going off on her because someone changed the date reality hits me:  The 7th is not next Friday.  It's Tuesday.




Cause I though I had over a week to get my stuff around.
But by Tuesday?  Seriously?


I'm in serious trouble.

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