Friday, September 3, 2010

Turn it Down

I am super-sensitive to noise.
There's this guy in the office near me who sighs and sniffs and reads to himself all day.  He has an unhealthy fondness for Speakerphone, and recently purchased an iPhone but obviously doesn't know how to turn off the audible notification of new messages feature.
Add to this his booming baritone voice and penchant towards schmoozing and what you've got is noise.
Noise NoisE NOISE.

This morning most folks are out of the office for one reason or another so I turn on my music.  I'm listening to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  It's loud enough to hear from my chair, but not loud enough to hear over my printer.
And the Baritone asks me to turn it down.

An End Note:
Just now he turned on a video to watch so I asked him to turn the volume down.  He got up and shut his door.
I feel justified.

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