Monday, March 30, 2009

End of the Day

It's been a long day.
A good day, but long just the same.

Today was the first official day off school for George's spring break. And even though it shouldn't have I somehow managed to be a full 75 minutes late for work. Got in the truck to drive to work and had to get gas because there wasn't even enough in the tank to coast downhill to Hillsdale!

Got to work and there was a parking space in the lot next to my building. Hoorah!

Got to my desk and the flood gates opened. And the water didn't want to stop.

Linda called to see if I could do lunch, but I was waiting to hear from Kent because the medical technician was coming to the house to prepare him for some sleep apnea testing. Thought he and George might want to meet for lunch.

He didn't.

So even though I felt like working straight through, I went to lunch with Linda because I've been missing her so much lately. And because it happened to be her birthday--which she'd hoped I didn't know about!

I'd really hoped to get home by 5:00 to watch my new favorite TV show, but I didn't get out of work 'til after 5:30, then had to run by Kroger to pick up a pie that George has been super interested in trying.

Managed to get home at 5:47. Miraculous!

We sort of snacked for dinner, and George played outside for a bit. Then we went for a drive.

Saw tons of deer in herds, which I understand is unusual at this time of year.

Dad called on the way home, and I'm pretty sure he wanted to ask about the truck payment, but I had to get off the phone because George was crying in a panic about a possible sliver in his finger.

It turned out to be a scratch with dirt in it.

The three of us felt like watching a movie so we settled in to see Fever Pitch, with Drew Barrymore. It was funny. But ended stupidly. Except the part where the Red Sox won the Championship. That was cool.

Then I take a lukewarm shower. I can FEEL the water cooling as I'm standing there. (We've been having problems with the water heater for weeks.) Makes me think of the bible verse where it mentions that it is better to be hot or cold than lukewarm and spit out of His mouth.

I should look that up.

So, I'm in bed, trying to settle my mind. But I hear Kent up and I wonder if I can sneak downstairs for a little bit to spend some time with him. George is snoozing peacefully.

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