Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stuck on You

Stuck on You
by The Commodores

Here I am, settling into bed for the night and doing a little bit of work before shut-eye.

And the first strands of Stuck On You begins to play. (I can name that tune in 5 notes...)

And swish, I begin to fall.
Softly at first, then more swiftly.

Back to the 80's.
Back to 1985 to be exact.

And in my mind I can see James Staton sitting on my sister's couch, in her apartment, looking at pictures of my youth. Ronnie and Vickie are there. But I'm not. I'm in Kentucky, if my memory serves me correctly.

The reason I can see this is because somewhere I have a picture of that exact moment. And on the record player, Joe is playing The Commodores and James likes this song. Probably the first time he's heard it.

And this song brings these feelings that I can't quite put into words.

It's not bittersweet.

It's sweet.
I guess.

Because that was before the problems started.
That was early on in the relationship.
And it's good to know that there were good moments. Sweet moments.

And sweet memories.

Even though the bad memories are pretty much gone for me. I've moved on.

I have Kent. And he's amazing.

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