Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And then there was green....

Here it was, April 5. Two days after my 16-year anniversary. And the weather forecast mentioned snow.

I didn't give it much thought. A dusting, I figured, would be great. It would hide the dead leaves from last year that we never got all the way raked up.

But, once again, God had his humor all ready for me. Because when I woke up on Monday morning He'd left a beautiful scene outside my door: almost 7 inches of snow.

The heaviest snow ever.

I could barely shovel. In fact, I was able to lift only half a shovelful at a time.

By the time I got a path to the the truck, and then the truck itself uncovered I was NOT happy with my husband. I was exhausted!

The afternoon sun melted about half of the snow, even though temperatures remained around 34 degrees. The same happened this afternoon.

On the way home this evening, you could see patches where the snow had melted away. And guess what?

The grass is suddenly green!

Just like that!

It went to bed ugly and brown and dead.

And woke today beautiful and full of promise.

Remind me of this in two months when I'm complaining about having to mow the grass, okay?

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