Friday, April 10, 2009


I have pretty good intuition, I think. Which is why it surprises me when I don't follow my own intuition.

George went home with a friend after school yesterday. Rode the bus home and everything.

I was on my way home when they called to see if he could stay longer. We negotiated a bit, and decided I'd pick him up at 7:30. I was concerned about getting him home in time to do his homework.

But then I remembered that they don't have school today.

I take Maggie and drive over to Jon's, where they ask if George can spend the night. So I go home to pick up his pajamas. While I'm there I get this feeling like I should take him a bottle of water.

But I don't.

Because I don't have a bottle for Jon. And I don't want to offend Carrie, Jon's mom.

And so, I give George his jammies and he asks me if I'll go home and get him a drink.

I should know better than not to listen to my instincts!!

On another note, I wish kids wanted to play at our house. Unfortunately, with Kent's work and sleep schedule it's really difficult to have kids over. Kent only has Sunday night and Monday night off. .... It was a problem with Vanessa, too, but we worked it out. But I can't quite remember how.

Of course girls were a lot more quiet than boys!

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