Saturday, September 12, 2009

Signs of fall are here. I saw my first tree with orange leaves just starting to turn. Makes me melancholy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lousy Day

It's been a lousy day work-wise. But I'm still thankful to have a job.

And, really, don't we survive on stress?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Face Book and My Husband

Kent keeps trying to find his brother on FB. I keep explaining that there are 500 Kurt Kings out there, and that if his brother is telling him that he doesn't know his own e-mail address it's because he's lying.

Because we all know that people my age don't know how to adjust their account settings to hide certain things from certain people.

Though why Kurt would want to do this is beyond me.

Last time we saw him, he proudly passed around the pictures of himself in a beauty pageant.
His stage name is Katrina.
He wears a beautiful wig and his legs are 10X better than mine have ever been.

God's Laughing Again....

Hey, you'll appreciate this one: I forgot that yesterday was the first day of school. We were trying to decide whether or not we could stay in Bville and get up early so that Kent could drop me at work when George says "yeah, and I've got school." EEEK!!
I had hours of paperwork to do/read and still more supplies to buy at WalMart.
Then I was sick (vomiting) all night. Managed to fall asleep around 5:15 a.m. or so.
Missed the bus.
Had to walk into the school in justoutofbed clothes/hair.
Then no hot water for a shower. So I came to work with washedyesterdayhair.
Got out the file folders from my bag and put them on my desk. Didn't get around to working on them over the weekend. Went to get a pepsi. Came back and there's this extra long panty-liner sticking out the bottom of one of the folders. In plain sight of the VP, Associate VP, and Director who were milling around my cubby that morning.
Such a nice way to start the school year.
Now I'm off to see George get off the bus. Hopefully. Last time he rode the bus home from school they lost him.....
Never a dull moment!!