Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I’ve always known that God has a sense of humor.  Which surely must be why I come from Disappointment Hollow.  And why Disappointment is the place my heart calls home and the place I would most want to spend my vacation.  I was born miles from Disappointment in Barbourville, Kentucky, and most of my family still lives in that area.  The house my mother grew up in is nestled back in the holler, and I spent many summers of my youth visiting my grandparents there and roaming the hills searching for adventure. 

Sometimes It's Not the Journey that Matters...

Sometimes, it's important to just get in, get it done, and get it out.

My son is ten.
My husband is 4...let me use the husband will be 49 in May. 
This year they got a dog.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seriously late.

Is it possible that it's been an entire year since I posted on my blog?  Seriously?

In my mind, I'm writing posts all the time.

But I stop by today to check out the look of my blog because I vaguely remember that the blogdesign I used before wasn't working last time I stopped by. 

And wham! That date of January 2011 was mocking me.

Time to get it together.