Thursday, August 2, 2012


Days ago, I was sitting at my craft table, trying to chat with my cousin when an ant runs across my table. The little bug! I smush him with a business card. 
Take that!! 

A little more chatting with Sandra and along comes that bug's brother! 
I tape him to a piece of Scotch tape. 

Which gets me to thinking about bug spray, as I'm pretty sure that I wasn't invited to the family reunion that's going on somewhere in the nether-lands of my craft room.  And when I crash that reunion, I want to be prepared!

So I'm sitting here, and what I want to know is where my son left the bug spray. He's at his grandma's, about 90 minutes away.

So I call him.

"George, do you know where the bug spray is?" I ask.

He said, with total confidence, "Next to the microwave." 
Nope, not there.

Confidence again, "In the broom closet."
Nope, not there.

"Is it in the coat closet?"
"On the shelf, maybe."
"On the bookshelf."
Nope, nope, nope.

Finally, I say, "so what you really mean is you don't know where you left the bug spray."
And he says, "that is right."
With confidence.

AHHHHHH!!! He's not even a teenager yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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