Friday, November 2, 2012

Tuesday is . . . favorite day of the week.

I was up at midnight to welcome in the day.  I watched Switched at Birth.  I read a little bit with George.  I let the dog out.  I let the dog in.  Out.  In.  Out….  You get the picture.

I went to bed around 12:30.

In the same bed with my husband, who was snoring like an elephant (which is why I was up at 12:00 to begin with!), and with my son (thunder was rolling in!).

I crawl in the bed, and ease myself down.  Adjusting the covers just right so that I am not terribly hot or terribly cold.  I balance myself on my side—just right—so that I am not falling out of bed.  (I mean, c’mon! These guys are not small.  Nor am I.)

And I get to THATPLACE where you know you can settle your brain for a long fall nap, when Darla-the-Devil-Dog comes in to say she’d like to get in bed too.  She’s worried about George.  And Kent.  She’s pacing and looking through the house for George.  She doesn’t like the thunder, and she keeps putting her feet on top of my hip: her way of saying “I’m over here.  Let me in.  Hold my paw.”  And with each scrape of her unbearably long nails (don’t get me started on that!!) she leaves behind a grain of sand.

A small grain—smaller than a mustard seed—can keep me awake for hours!  I have to get out the packing tape and get it off my sheet.

I yell at the dog.
Kent tells her to lay down.
And she does. 

Guess she just wanted to hear his voice.

And at 6:01 my clock goes off.

I get up, and frantically clean up my craft space because I promised to make ten Halloween invitations for a girl at work.  Yes, I could have done it last night.  But why do it then when I knew I could do it later?  “Hello.  My name is Margie.  I am a procrastinator.”

The alarm goes off at 7.  Time for George to get up.

The alarm goes off at 7:23.  Time to take George to school. 

My hands are covered in orange and pumpkin and black ink.  But who cares!?  It’s CRAFTY!!

I take the boy to school.

On Time.
On Time for breakfast.

It’s a miracle.

I go back home.  Finish coloring some parts of the cards.  Stamp the envelopes.  Blow dry my hair.

Add some glitter to the cards.

Put in some hair gunk.

Put on eye liner.

Blow dry the glitter I put on the cards.
It’s 8:30.

I’m officially late for work.

Leave the driveway. 

Hello fresh air!

I roll down the windows.

Turn on the tunes!  Bubba can’t come in this morning so I switch to another station.
I turn on the heat.  Floor only.


The radio DJ says something infinitely funny.

I call my work voicemail to recite what the DJ says.  I’ve gotta write that down when I get to work.

Can’t hear my phone, so I roll my window up half-way.

Leave the message.  That was a good one! 

I’m loving technology!  What an amazing time we live in! 

How fantastic is our God that he allowed us to be born in America!

I tell myself I am OK with paying $200/month for our cell phones.  I love having it!
Turn the heat up, it’s getting chilly.

I hock a luggie. (How do you spell Loogie?)

It must come out.

I spit out the window.


It sticks.


To the INSIDE of the window.


…and so my Tuesday begins…. 

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